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One week on… Some thoughts from the other side of the table

Such a gentle re-introduction to the slightly surreal world that is the craft fair.  Thank you to the people who came along to say hello and see the many, many beautiful things. Crux feels a little bit special as its small and intimate probably because its organised by makers which I always think makes a difference to the atmosphere.

pieces all together

I love that they have a turn over of makers each year there (no same makers for longer than two years running). Good for the people who come along and good for the makers too meaning lots of different designers could get a chance to show.  It’s good for the fair too which has a great reputation probably because of the reasons above.  Best of all the fair raised £1,151 for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

So much adrenaline and expectation in the build up, the making of pieces, the fear of not having enough, the worry that the display won’t be just so.. I forgot how vulnerable one can feel, a bit like going out in an overcoat on with only your underwear on underneath!

On the whole I think it was a fairly successful endeavor. For a start I didn’t leave my stock anywhere it shouldn’t be! (read my last blog post to hear about that).  Although at one point I did forgot how to work a door handle but hey, can’t have it all.

Am I going to do more craft fairs?  Yes I think so, just one or two a year maybe. I really enjoyed the interaction and I definitely think its good to get feedback and to get out there into world a just a little bit.

Not to mention meeting more makers, artists and designers I hadn’t met before that in itself is a pretty good perk of the job…

A few more new favorites

Rosie the Brewer – beautiful, functional kitchenware and her photographs of work are just a little bit of art to look at in their own right!


Wooden spoons


Beverly Beeland – What’s not to like? Ceramics and carved wood birds, hares and plants. A lot of work and love in these pieces.


hare and wooden ceramics


Emma West ceramics – I mentioned Emma’s work on my social media – I’d never quite seen anything like it before.  Embroidery which is pressed into porcelain so much work and love in these pieces.  The eyes in the stag piece she made are just perfectly captured and her seagulls fly out of her bigger pictures – small details perfectly captured.


Porcelain hare



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