Jewellery for people who love hearing and telling stories.

Handmade jewellery inspired by the setting of the woods as a stage. Each miniature intricate theatrical scene invites you to look further in.  These unique pieces are designed to be playful, emotive and illustrative in nature, holding narrative within each carefully hand cut layer.

Hare and stars Jewellery inspiring sentimental memories of childhood and imagination.  Pieces which represent stories we have told and those we still tell. Perfect as a gift for a loved one or a talisman or a token.

Each piece is part of a story and a connection to a sense of time and place.

Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail in her workshop in Cornwall, UK.  A tiny bit different from the last, your piece of jewellery will be one of a kind.

Elby works with thought to the design, comfort and finish of every treasured piece to ensure each one will last for generations.

She works with precious ethically sourced metals; silver, gold, enamel and precious stones.

Committed to protecting our environment, creating a sustainable business and leaving as little carbon footprint as possible, materials are ethically and responsibly sourced and the workshop and home is powered entirely by solar energy and rainwater harvesting. 


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