Bird, birch and star in siilver and gold with salt and pepper diamond on grey
Bird, birch and star necklace ~ silver and gold with diamond
Bird, birch and star necklace ~ silver and gold with diamond The bird, birch and star necklace is based on the idea of birds navigating by stars, migration and the cyclical nature of the seasons. Two curved birch trees.  A symbol of growth and renewal. The trees and a bird cut into soft silver oval and each enameled and torch fired.  Trees in a soft grey and bird in a blue black. The piece set in a 9ct gold bezel with claws.  The frame has a silver back. A salt and pepper 1.5mm diamond inset into the cabochon.  The 'star' in the piece. The chain is 9ct gold.  A choice of 16 or 18 inches.  Please let me know on ordering what you would like. Each piece is hand cut and as such there may be very slight variation on detail. the pendant measures approx 1.6cm in width and 1.4cm in height.  Including bail approx 2.0cm Please allow 4 - 6 weeks to make. To see other tree pieces please click here.
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Owl and stars on grey background
Owl and stars ~ silver and 9ct gold necklace
  The silver owl necklace with three stars shining in the dark night sky.  The owl is gliding silently above land and trees, wings outstretched, almost touching the stars as she flies. Around the outer frame each circle represents dappled sunlight falling through the branches onto the woodland floor.  Inside four trees at the back, followed by a curving hills, then one tall tree stretching to the top of the frame.  A fern on the right hand side curling over, one more landscape and finally the owl in flight. Three shimmering stars at the top of the frame, each slightly a different length. The owl is engraved with 'feathers' and two closed eyes. Finished in a soft matte finish with a 'sky scribble' design. This owl necklace comes with a chain of any length you choose.  The one shown is on a 21 inch chain (Please do let me know when ordering if you would like a different length). Designed so when in a place where sunlight falls it will create long shadows. From top to bottom this piece measures approx 1.9cm Width is approx 2.2cm Depth is approx 7mm This piece comes boxed and wrapped. To see pictures of other 3d necklaces please click here. Please note that each one is handmade an there may be sight variations in detail. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks lead time to make.  
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Owl face studs on grey background
Owl face ~ silver studs
Owl face silver studs measuring 6mm by 4mm. Sleepy little dreamers each delicate earring hand cut and engraved markings individually made. Little silver owls for your ears.  These are a brushed matte satin finish.  The studs take up to approx two weeks from make to dispatch.  The earrings come boxed and wrapped. 
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