The show must go on…

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Show time.

Less than a week to go until Crux craft fair.

It’s going to be great to meet people face to face, getting feedback on new work and letting people touch and see pieces in a way which obviously isn’t possible online.  I get that as I am a tactile person too.

Crux leaflet

I have had a fair few special moments in craft fairs past though but my best moment has to be the following.

Once I made the decision to go a craft fair on a train.  ‘I am so lucky to be able to carry everything I need so easily’ I thought.  I arrive on the platform, I am on time, this is unusual.  As we pull out of the station I think how nice it will be to sit still for forty five minutes.  The build up to shows are always manic, even with the best of intentions.  Something is missing though – and it dawns on me what that is. I have left all of my pieces in a box in the ladies loos at the platform. For me, hundreds of hours of work.

Have you ever seen a person on a train stand up and shout really very loudly ‘STOP THE TRAIN’?  No? Well, clearly you weren’t on the Penzance to London with me that day then.

The train did not stop (obviously).

I did manage to get my pieces back.  Someone amazing had handed it in.  My partner who plays the other hero in this piece swooped in, picked up my box at the train station and met me at the next stop and I was only about forty minutes late which is normal for me and everything was well.

So in honor of the people that should only go in in public for essential things (like going to craft fairs for instance) and need lots of beautiful things to look at in their homes, here are some of those beautiful things and what and who I am looking forward to seeing at Crux in no particular order….

And maybe I will see you there….

p.s I’m driving this time.

My top picks at Crux

Esther Connon

These pictures just do something to me I can’t explain – it’s an emotional response. I absolutely LOVE Esther’s drawings and prints which are all about storytelling and animals which of course resonate with me.  She does cards too. Look out for her new tiger prints.



Monique Jeffrey-Jones


I want a piece of Moniques’ amazing Moorland inspired jewellery.  I have my eye on her little pendants or stud earrings. It is intricate and I have a thing for hidden details.  I particularly love the scale of seeing these in real life. (Now you know what to get me for Christmas).


Eleanor Crane

I can’t say more than this – just perfectly formed porcelain, some lids use string Eleanor finds washed up on the beach – Just delicious.  I particularly love her orange and grey pieces at the moment.


Blue and white pot


Peter Lanyon


Peters furniture pieces bend and arc.  I kind of feel they might keep on growing. They are tactile and and soft and retain their naturalness which is why I like them so much.



Jill Holland


I am lucky enough to have a Jill Holland pot which a very lovely friend bought for me and I love it. I have a thing for tiny things and pots in particular.  This one is a picture of my very own – I am so looking forward to seeing more of Jill’s work.

ceramic pot


Crux fair takes place  23 – 25 November 2018   Friday: 2pm – 7pm. Sat & Sun: 10am – 5pm

Rattery Village Hall, Rattery, South Brent, Devon TQ10 9LD

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