The view from here

At the start…and to the end

Here is a short video to show you some of my year from then to now.  This is really a continuation of the last paragraph from my first post in 2019.  It ended with a To Do list which you can read here.


From there

2018 was about the infrastructure, getting my website together, workshops of every and all varieties.  This year has felt very much that I have been refining.  Learning the cuts and curves, trying to get to know each one of my pieces well.

I have a thought that came randomly and appears every time I start making anew… and it repeats like a mantra in my mind.  “This one will be the very best one, this one will be”…and so on.  Strange I know but it works for me, I’m not sure why but there you go. (Pretty sure it can’t just be me. Is it?!) Somehow it steadies my hands and allows my mind to focus.

To here

I have been thinking a bit about what’s next.  What will form the foundations for next year.

I suspect 2020 will be about Connections.  Like adding rooms on to a building I want to look at the companions of pieces – how pieces work together, forging links.  It is just a seedling of an idea but I keep coming back to it.  Not for expansion here though… It’s time to let the mind and hands rest. For now.

I want to sign off by saying thank you for being here, for sticking around, I very much appreciate it. I hope the holidays are all what you need and want them to be.

Elby x

P.s That is definitely NOT me playing the music over the video. The music is called Silver and all credit goes to Rob Simonson.  It was very cleverly and mysteriously added to the video by my phone!

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