Something to give

These months have flown…

I had to check my diary, twice. Twice to double check I hadn’t actSunflowerually written a post since the end of May.  Now its nearly, but not quite September (Huh? How did that happen?).  I am squeezing in that August self imposed deadline. Just.

In June I didn’t want to write anything.  It seemed extra unnecessary noise on the internet when the focus was on the highlighting of racial inequality and injustice.  I know this wasn’t just a month long thing – It’s ongoing work (current news makes it clear not enough has changed).  For 2020 and the foreseeable it’s continued work; listening, speaking up when required and a whole lot of readdressing the balance*.

July and August rolled around and I kept thinking I must take a bit of time to sit and write the blog.  I have been incredibly busy with orders (luckily – each gratefully received) and I hunkered down in the workshop and concentrated on making and making.

By the wayside

I have been keeping a presence on social media a few times a week.  Hopefully you will know roughly what I have been up to there if you follow me but this is a catch up and a few extras.Owl ring in progress

Newsletter subscribers (also neglected over the last months) WILL get their giveaway before the year is out. That is a scouts’ honour brown owl Rumplestitskein promise.  Though to be fair I am pretty sure after spending the morning unsubscribing to lists I didn’t even know I was on, deleting random emails  not everyone will mind that I have been sporadic in my outpourings.  (I am now down in my own personal, non business inbox from 1,300 + emails to 454 at last count – tell me I am not alone?!).

If you dare to sign up you can do here (click here for the link scroll to the bottom of the page).  I also promise heartily that I send roughly only 4 to 5 emails a year and they are really, really exciting. Okay well sometimes moderately exciting if you like jewellery.  I would hope never bothersome at the very least.

I have some new designs on my bench.  My priority is to give pieces ordered by folk the time they need (that is important to me) and new pieces the space they deserve too.  I don’t want to rush out new things so for the moment in progress they stay and I can keep dreaming on them.  Here is a pic of one possible and one definite new design in the making and unfinished.

I have to remind myself constantly that relatively its been a whirlwind couple of years and I have got up and running relatively quickly with a website, rebrand, new designs etc… and it is okay to concentrate on the what is on my bench right now.  Its such a privilege to make loved pieces. 

I did find a bit of space to make one new piece over the couple of months…

That one thing

It is funny what has come out of lock down creatively speaking. It seems obvious to me now .  A much pared down design for me.  A single teardrop design that with a green tourmaline in 9ct gold.  A lot of my designs have the teardrop/bud element in them.  I have been using it in my designs for the longest time – usually in foxgloves or bramble designs but also the shape of the bails and some forms I have made.

It isn’t online yet. I will be taking photos and getting it on to before the year is out.Tourmaline teardrop ring

I bought three of these shape stones.  Each one a different colour at the very start of lock down just before the supplier closed down.  It doesn’t escape me either that the second stone I am using in my newer design is at the end of lock down.  I always tend to make my own markers of time and place.  This time a moonstone more translucent blue, rather than that deep dark teal. 

I notice other makers and creators also have their own lens on lock down (how could you not I guess) I would be interested to know your own take?



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