How to fail

Each twist and turn

Wow September, you really know how to throw everything up into the air and send it spinning, tumbling back into almost, but not quite the right place.  In that spirit I am starting this post upside down with what could be the last paragraph but instead has its upended itself to the top.  In what feels like a whirlwind of change, this month has had me thinking a lot. I came out the other side of all those thoughts with a small realisation that some outcomes are unavoidable, despite what others might say to the contrary. In the end we have to make peace with (or at least accept) decisions that are not our own to make, concentrate on our own best choices and do the thing that we can do – be kind, understanding human beings.  Forgive each others ‘failings’.  It goes without saying really doesn’t it.  x

The end. 

And then a bit more.

My last blog post was in August.  My posts were supposed to be once a month and so it feels pretty suitable that I have failed to deliver just like the title suggests.  At least I am failing well – why miss one month when two months will do!Me smelling a sunflower

I have been focusing on the making in the day, filling orders and trying new ideas (often without success) in between.  Oftentimes all other work, as is the law of self employment, is at the weekend or late afternoons and sometimes (many times) late nights. I do love my job and all of its many, many perks, it simply is that time thing again.  Or lack thereof.All testers wrong and right

The feeling of not wanting the warm days to slip away unnoticed has meant I have been more often than outside with a cuppa after work, enjoying the gentle summer it has been.  And not getting on the computer for anything other than absolutely essential work. Frankly, trying to edit pictures with a blanket on your head so you can see the screen isn’t so much fun anyway. (Okay fine. It is a little bit fun pretending to be a ghost using a computer.  But it is still hot and hard to drink a cup of tea at the same time.)

As I am writing this the sun has only just come out after what has felt like a forever of torrential rain and wind (a week, basically forever) and it makes me glad now I stole that time back, finished a little bit earlier, relaxed a little bit and let things go. Birch tree necklace on leaf skeleton

I have cracked a few pieces too which has been so very good.  Like the title picture it hasn’t been without failure on the way.  But that is the point isn’t it?

P.s all testers or wrong turns are recycled or reused.


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