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Hare and shimmering star ~ silver and diamond necklace

£ 300.00

The hare stretches upwards on the silver hare and diamond necklace, one paw raised. It bathes in the light of the first glittering star star in the sky that appears as the sun fades and dusk approaches.

The silver frame has holes of various sizes – a nod to the sunlight dappled on the woodland floor through branches.  At the back four trees meet the top of the frame.  In front of the trees a curving landscape, then another single tree.  Brambles in front of this tangled and spreading for Spring. The hare sits, one eye closed and fur engraved individually by myself.

On the top left hand corner a small shimmering diamond star that moves gently as the wearer does.  This star is an 1.5mm ethical diamond flush set.

On the back I have engraved paw prints.

Hare and star jewellery pieces are designed so that when when the sun catches them on a shelf they will cast a long shadow.  A necklace that can be enjoyed also when not being worn.

The silver hare and diamond necklace is approx 1.9cm in height

It is approx 2.2cm in width

It is approx 7mm in depth.

This is a handmade piece so small details may vary slightly.

The silver chain is available in a variety of lengths 16, 18, 22, and 24 inches.  The default length is 18 inches, please do let me know if you would like a different length.

This silver necklace is fully hallmarked and comes boxed and wrapped.

The piece itself takes between 4 – 6 weeks to make however if you need it sooner please do contact me as sometimes I have pieces in stock.

The jewellery is made in my workshop, by me, in Cornwall, UK.

I also make other fox and hare pieces which can be found here.