Tear drop and poplar leaves on grey
Drop Locket ~ silver necklace
The silver drop locket inspired by the nature of desire and growth and regrowth. Desire is flood or fire.  This silver drop is a hollow form.  Designed to keep your secrets safe.  The front is the tear drop or bud shape.  In the back hidden from view, another drop shape this time cut into the silver forming a window into the hollow form.  Write your desire out, roll up and post through the drop.  You can keep them safe here, for days, weeks, months or maybe forever... Kept close to your heart on a 24inch chain. (Other lengths are available on request). Should your desires change or leave, carefully take the locket and with tweezers burn the paper inside (fire) and then plunge it into water (flood).  Turn the desires into ashes.  From here you can leave the silver pendant scorched, a symbol or what was, or return to a satin finish using wire wool. Instructions on how to use this piece will be included. The drop locket takes approximately 5 weeks from order to dispatch.  It measures approx 1.9cm in height and 1cm in width at the widest point. The paper used measures approx 2.5cm in length and .7mm in height.  Bigger lockets are available on request Please note use of fire is at your own risk! Each lockets come boxed and wrapped and are hallmarked. You can view a video of how the drop locket works here.
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