Fox silver ring with peridot
Fox tail ~ silver ring with peridot
Two fox tails intertwined. Here I was thinking of fresh early mornings when the dew hangs on the grass. Two silver fox tails cut into silver and each 'fur' detail engraved individually. In the middle of the fox tails is 1.5mm faceted peridot which is flush set.  The peridot is a very light green colour. The ring measures approx 1.5mm thick It is approx 0.5 - 0.6cm in depth This silver ring pictured is a UK size N Make time is approx 4 - 6 weeks Each ring is handmade so there may be some variation in detail. Tell your own fox tale. Each ring comes boxed and gift wrapped. If you like this piece you can see more fox jewellery here 
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Skyscribble ring
Skyscribble ring ~ silver
The ring has a small cloud abstract detail textured into the silver and soft matte finish. It is inspired by cloudy skies, thinking of the days spent watching the skies overhead and time moving from sunlight to sunset. I use this texture in my collection of pendants, here it is carved a deeper into the band ring. Looks pretty on its own or stacked with other rings like the full moon ring shown. Band width is approx 2.3mm Height is approx 1.5mm Making time is up to four weeks. Please note that each ring is handmade so although details may vary slightly.  
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Spring birch tree ring
Spring birch tree ring ~ silver and gold with green sapphire
Silver and gold birch tree ring with a faceted green sapphire flush set into the piece. Three birch trees cut into silver. Thinking of the sap rising in trees and green leaves and buds unfurling as winter turns to Spring. Three tiny trees are hand cut into silver, enamelled using a soft subtle grey opaque colour.  Set into the sterling silver is a green sapphire. The piece is set in a 9ct gold bezel with gold claws and onto a sterling silver back. The ring shank is sterling silver. The silver is finished in a soft satin finish. Height measures approx 0.9mm Width approx 1.3mm Shank width approx 2.3mm Make time is approx 4 - 6 weeks  
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silver and gold ring with blue topaz on grey background
Summer birch tree ring ~ silver, gold and topaz
This summer birch tree ring is the third in a series of rings denoting the turn of each season.  Each one holds a precious gem which represents a season and the symbolism of that season.  In this one a London Blue Topaz, a rich, sparkling deep blue for summer skies and seas. Cut into each cabochon three birch trees, enameled a soft grey.  These are birch trees, a symbol of growth and renewal. Flush set in between the trees is the blue topaz. The claw setting for the cabochon is 9ct gold with a gold bezel, a silver bottom and silver ring shank. The mixed metal denotes the turn of day to night.  Gold for the sun, silver for the night. The Cabochon measures in height approx 9mm Width is approx 1.3cm Depth is approx 6mm The ring is finished in a soft matte brushed finish adding interest and detail to the overall appearance. The ring takes approx 4 - 6 weeks to make.  However, I do sometimes have some in stock if required sooner.  Please do contact me if this is the case Each one is handmade therefore there may be slight variation in detail.  Click here to see other birch rings details on social media Fully hallmarked, each comes boxed and wrapped. If you are outside the UK I am more than happy to translate sizes - please do contact me for details.
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