Gold deer on grey background
Deer in the woods ~ silver and 9ct gold necklace
These are the keepers of the quiet places.  This deer piece is inspired by encounters with these shy creatures that roam the woods. A simple gold deer in a silver frame. This is a petite pendant measuring approx 1.9cm in height Width is approx 1.8cm at the widest point. Depth is approx 3mm The pendant is finished in a soft matte finish with a 'skyscribble' texture. The chain can be any length you choose.  The default is 18 inches long. It is sterling silver and has a handmade clasp. Make time is up to 4 weeks, though currently I have one in stock which could be sent in 1 - 3 business days - so please do contact me if you need this sooner. Please note this piece is handmade and consequently it means that there will be small variations in detail. Although some details are likely to vary, quality won’t be compromised. This necklace is fully hallmarked and comes boxed and wrapped. “I sometimes see a Roe passing like a shadow through the trees or staring at me from a distance from some sequestered glade;” John St Clair
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Silver and gold star fox necklace
Fox and shimmering star – silver and 9ct gold necklace
The moment between day and dusk just as the first star appears and a fox which sits on a hill. This necklace frame is inspired by shafts of sunlight falling through tree branches.  At the back of the piece four trees sit on a landscape.  Five trees in total on the silver pendant.  Three wild foxgloves standing tall, in front a hill and the fox.  The fox itself engraved with 'fur' and a closed eye.  A gold star shimmers in the top right of the piece, the star moves gently as it is worn or shook. The jewellery piece is sterling silver and each is fully hallmarked.  It is finished in a soft matte finish, textured 'skyscribbles' too. The star is made from 9ct gold. The chain is sterling silver and has a handmade clasp. The chain can be whatever length you like - please do let me know.  The default chain length is 18 inches.  I have made the pendant bail so that once on the chain it cannot slip off the end. The necklace measures from top to bottom it approx 1.9cm Width is approx 2.2cm Depth is approx 0.7mm Make time to dispatch is between 4 - 6 weeks. The piece is fully hallmarked. Please note this silver fox and gold star necklace is handmade, therefore there will be small variation in details.  Although this piece may differ in detail, quality wont be compromised. Each piece of jewellery is handmade in my workshop in Cornwall. The fox and star comes boxed and wrapped and is free post.
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Hares and star – silver and 9ct gold
The meeting place.  Two hares meet under a single star. A soft rectangular frame cut with holes of various sizes.  Inspired by shafts of sunlight spilling through branches onto the forest floor holes in various sizes are around the frame. At the back of the landscape four trees sit.  Five trees in total. A single bramble stretches up on the right and the hares looking at one another. The hares are engraved with ‘fur’. One star hangs in the middle at the top of the pendant. The piece is silver, it is finished in a soft matte finish and textured with ‘skyscribbles’. The stars are made from 9ct gold. The chain is sterling silver and is finished with a handmade clasp. From top to bottom it measures approx 1.9cm Width is approx 2.2cm Depth is approx 0.7cm Please note that as this is a handmade piece therefore it is likely that there will be variation in detail.  However details vary, quality won’t be compromised. Make time is approx 6 weeks The hare comes boxed and wrapped and is free post.
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Silver and gold studs
Skyscribble studs ~ silver and 9ct gold
Small soft edged square studs, lined with 9ct gold in the inner sterling silver frame and finished in a soft brushed matte. Inspired by cloudy skies, thinking of the days spent watching the skies overhead and time moving from sunlight to sunset.  These have small cloud abstract detail textured inside a square frame. The earrings are measured at approx 0.7mm in height and width, each is slightly asymmetrical. The earrings come with silver scroll back and come boxed and wrapped too. Please note that these pieces are made to order and may take up to 4 weeks to make and post. They also may have small variations in design detail although quality wont be compromised. Inspiration for these pieces can be found here. Every cloud has a silver lining...
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Bird, birch and star neclklace on grey
Star, birch and bird ~ silver, gold and enamel necklace
Star, birch and bird is the story of long journeys with only the stars as a guide. Some birds follow the stars - known as the star compass, some the sun.  The bird flies, her wing tip almost touching a star as she makes her travels.  Made from sterling silver and framed in 9ct gold, each element hand cut and filled with enamel in a process called Champleve.  Bird, birch and stars has two trees, one either side in a soft grey enamel, the bird in a blue-black.  Flush set into the piece is a salt and pepper diamond as the star claw set et into 9ct gold. The chain is 9ct gold and the clasp is handmade.  The piece measures approx 1.5cm in width and approx 1.3cm in height, including bail 1.8cm.  It comes with a 16 inch chain.  Please let me know if you would prefer and 18 inch chain with your order.  Please do note that the piece is handmade and as such there may be slight variations in detail - i.e wings may be slightly different. Bird, birch and star may take up to six weeks to make.  The necklace comes boxed and wrapped. If you would like to see other bird pieces please click here. I always love new followers click here to connect to me on social media.
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Enamel minature tree
Tree and moon ~ silver, enamel and gold necklace
Full moon and in the light a single tree stands. These one of a kind enamel pieces are the pages to where the stories begin. Each one is a unique, each one an original.  No two exactly the same. The enamel is layered and fired several times.  I hand paint each miniature onto the enamel.  The enamel is torch fired and the image becomes fused with the enamel creating a permanent image. The image is set in a soft rectangular box.  I wanted it to appear as though set, like a picture in a frame.  Look closely and you will see a 9ct gold shows just on the inside edge of the frame. All finished in a soft matte. This is a delicately small piece. The frame measures approx 1.3cm, including bail approx 1.7cm Approx 1cm in width The pendant comes with a chain length of your choice (16, 18, 20, or 22 inches) with a handmade clasp. Please let me know with your order.  The default length is 18 inches. The necklace is fully hallmarked and comes boxed and wrapped.  
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