Feather and stones silver ring ~ silver, Aquamarine and London blue topaz

Feather and stone ~ silver, aquamarine and London blue topaz

  • The feather series is all about the delicate nature of things and connection. A hand drawn a delicate feather is painted onto enamel and fired to fuse the image permanently - making it much like a precious stone. A small piece of original art.
  • The enamel itself is white with speckles of black and grey in it. Each one of a kind.
  • I have paired it with a 3mm deep London blue topaz and a 4mm Aquamarine and bezel set all. The colour of light blue opaque egg and the deep deep flash of blue in black feathers.
  • The settings are on a 6mm silver shank.  All finished in a soft matte.
  • This a UK size ‘O’. The ring comes boxed and wrapped.
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Feather ring ~ silver and enamel
Feather ring ~ silver and enamel Thinking of the delicate nature of things, to one another, and this feather came floating into my mind... I cut, shaped and enamelled a small handcut oval. I drew this feather on to the enamel surface and fired it to a glassy finish. The image is permanently fused into the enamel. Then set into silver. The width of the feather cabochon is 1.2cm, the height 0.7mm The size of the ring is a UK L1/2. The ring comes boxed and wrapped.
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