Owl face studs on grey background
Owl face ~ silver studs
Owl face silver studs measuring 6mm by 4mm. Sleepy little dreamers each delicate earring hand cut and engraved markings individually made. Little silver owls for your ears.  These are a brushed matte satin finish.  The studs take up to approx two weeks from make to dispatch.  The earrings come boxed and wrapped. 
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Upclose view of owlface studs
Owl face studs ~ 9ct gold
Owl face studs made in 9ct gold.  Little owls measuring approx 6mm x 4mm.  Inspired by small things that whisper in your ear. Each hand cut and engraved. Little gold studs for your ears finished in a soft matte. The earrings take approx 4 - 6 weeks to make and dispatch and come boxed and wrapped. They are also available in silver. To see variations of the owl face studs you can see more here.    
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