Silver deer pendant
Deer in the woods ~ silver necklace
These are the keepers of the quiet places.  This deer piece is inspired by encounters with these shy creatures that roam the woods where I make my designs. That moment when you are walking through the trees and just happen to catch a glimpse of an unsuspecting deer - a magical moment. To me they represent so much more about being still and listening to what is around you and what is inside. Eight birch trees each textured and in front of this one Roe deer. Height is approx 2.2cm including bail 2.6cm Width at the widest point is 2.1cm Make time is up to 6 weeks. The chain is available from 18 inches to 24 inches - please let me know what you would like with your order.  The default length is 18 inches. Please note this piece is handmade and consequently it means that there will be small variations in detail.  Although some details are likely to vary, quality won't be compromised. This necklace is fully hallmarked and comes boxed and wrapped. "I sometimes see a Roe passing like a shadow through the trees or staring at me from a distance from some sequestered glade;" John St Clair     For a full description please read on below.
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