Hare and shimmering star left side
Hare and shimmering star ~ silver and 9ct gold necklace
This silver hare necklace is about the moment between day and dusk and the first star appears, a hare sits and waits and dreams. The silver hare necklace frame is inspired by shafts of sunlight that hit the wood floor creating pools of light.  On the back of the silver necklace four trees, then in front of this a hill, another silver tree and then brambles climbing up inside the necklace.  Another silver layer and finally, the hare.  The silver hare has engraved 'fur' and one eye blissfully closed. On the back of the pendant I have engraved the trail of the hares paw prints moving across the landscape.  The star, made of 9ct gold, moves with the wearer, shimmering gently. Finally, I added a sky scribble texture to the piece, completely unique to these pendants and finished in a soft matte satin. Each piece of this pendant is carefully and lovingly formed, hand cut and or engraved by myself in my workshop in Cornwall, UK. The piece measures approx 1.9cm in height and 2.1 cm in width. The depth of the piece is approx 7mm. This piece of jewellery comes with a chain length of your choosing. Please do let me know with your order what you would like. The default chain length is 18inches. Each is fully hallmarked. The necklace comes boxed and wrapped. The hare necklace is made to order and as such there may be slight variations in detail.  The beauty of handmade. The making process can take up to 6 weeks.  Please do contact me if you need sooner and I will do my very best to help. If you like this you might also like my fox and shimmer star, click here to view
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Hare and stars in silver and gold
Hare and stars ~ silver and 9ct gold necklace
A stargazing hare sat bathed in light as the first stars appear and dusk turns to night. A soft rectangular frame cut with holes of various sizes.  The frame of this handmade jewellery piece is inspired by shafts of sunlight spilling through branches onto the forest floor. At the back of the landscape there are four trees.  A hill in front of that and then another hill.  Five trees in total. Some brambles on the right and in front of that, the hare looking upward. The hare is engraved with 'fur' and closed eye. Three gold stars in total hang at the top of the pendant. The necklace is silver and is finished in a soft matte finish and textured with 'sky'.  Each star is made from 9ct gold. The chain is sterling silver and is finished with a handmade clasp. From top to bottom the necklace measures approx 1.9cm The Width is approx 2.2cm The Depth is approx 0.7cm Each silver hare necklace is fully hallmarked. Please do note that as this is a handmade piece therefore it is likely that there will be variation in detail, however details vary, quality won't be compromised. Make time is approx 6 weeks The hare comes boxed and wrapped and is free post. There are also earrings which are part of a set with this piece and can be found here.
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