Silver and gold star fox necklace
Fox and shimmering star – silver and 9ct gold necklace
The moment between day and dusk just as the first star appears and a fox which sits on a hill. This necklace frame is inspired by shafts of sunlight falling through tree branches.  At the back of the piece four trees sit on a landscape.  Five trees in total on the silver pendant.  Three wild foxgloves standing tall, in front a hill and the fox.  The fox itself engraved with 'fur' and a closed eye.  A gold star shimmers in the top right of the piece, the star moves gently as it is worn or shook. The jewellery piece is sterling silver and each is fully hallmarked.  It is finished in a soft matte finish, textured 'skyscribbles' too. The star is made from 9ct gold. The chain is sterling silver and has a handmade clasp. The chain can be whatever length you like - please do let me know.  The default chain length is 18 inches.  I have made the pendant bail so that once on the chain it cannot slip off the end. The necklace measures from top to bottom it approx 1.9cm Width is approx 2.2cm Depth is approx 0.7mm Make time to dispatch is between 4 - 6 weeks. The piece is fully hallmarked. Please note this silver fox and gold star necklace is handmade, therefore there will be small variation in details.  Although this piece may differ in detail, quality wont be compromised. Each piece of jewellery is handmade in my workshop in Cornwall. The fox and star comes boxed and wrapped and is free post.
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Fox silver earrings
Fox drop ~ silver earrings
One tiny silver fox sitting on the side under a star of these mismatched delicate tear drop bud earrings. Or the fox drop silver earrings! These handmade earrings are hand cut and formed into the bud shapes.  On one two foxgloves springing up and between them the tiny fox track trailing through from the top to the bottom of the earring.  On the other another a single star and another track down to where the tiny fox sits patiently. The tear drop shape represent buds of spring and summer appearing on the trees. On the back of these earrings another engraved fox track - a small detail to add interest to the fox jewellery. These silver drops measure approx 1.4cm in height and 1mm in depth. They hang at approx 1.5cm. The silver fox earrings come boxed and wrapped. Each pair is handmade therefore their may be small variation in detail.  However, quality will not be compromised. Make time is approx 4 weeks.
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