Feather ~ silver necklace

Feathers ~ silver necklace

The feathers necklace is a thought about the delicate nature of things. I have hand cut and enamelled a disc. The process takes repeated firings to form a smooth glassy finish. I have drawn on the feather image and fired to fuse the image permanently into the enamel.  The feathers necklace is engraved on the back and the silver has been oxidised to black. Each is one of a kind. No two enamel pieces are the same. Please note that as each is a one of a kind piece of art that design details will reflect that. I will ensure each piece is beautiful though!  The piece measures 1.27cm in length and 8mm in height and approx 2.6mm in depth.  The necklace comes on an oxidised silver chain ~ Please do let me know what length you would like on purchase.  The piece comes boxed and wrapped. A proportion of the profits will go to humanitarian organisations working in Palestine until a ceasefire is declared.
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