Feathers ~ silver pendant
Feathers ~ Silver necklace
Feathers silver necklace is a reminder to keep trying to fly. Inspired by my collection of feathers from the woodland.
I have hand-cut the asymmetrical oval and engraved the three feathers into the silver.   On the back a swallow is flying. Around the swallow a blue/black oxide which changed colour in the light. The necklace is reversible.
The feathers silver necklace is a 1.2cm tall in the middle and 2.3 cm in width. The silver pendant is 1.6mm thickness.   This is a one off pendant - I may make similar but never the same.   The one in the pic is the one you will receive.   The chain is 18 inches but happy to shorten if needed.   To see other feathery pieces please click here. 
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side view of bird with shadow
Flight ~ silver bird necklace

Flight ~ silver bird necklace

One small bird caught mid flight. This silver bird necklace is all about the start of spring and the nesting season.  The shape of the pendant is oval - a little bird egg.  Inside the oval frame  - I have hand cut a bird. She is searching for a nest to make her home.  The texture at the back of the pendant is my signature 'skycribble' representing air.  The bird is raised up away from the back, this creates a sense of depth, in the sunlight a shadow is cast...  Around the frame I have engraved bird feathers - to represent flight and also the soft lining of the nest.  On the back the same feather close up.  The tiny bird measures 1.4cm.  The frame top to bottom measures approx 1.6cm, including bail approx 2.1cm.  The width of this piece is 1.4cm.  The depth of the frame is 0.5mm. It sits comfortably on my fingertip! The necklace comes on an 18 inch chain.  Please do let me know if you would like it longer or shorter.  Make to order is approx 3-4 weeks. The bird necklace comes hallmarked and boxed and wrapped.
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