front view of bird and stars
Stars and bird necklace locket ~ gold, silver, enamel and diamonds

Bird and stars necklace locket ~ silver, gold, enamel and diamonds

Bird and stars necklace Young birds imprint on the sun and the stars to help orient them.  The bird and stars necklace is inspired by birds that use the stars to navigate.  One bird and three stars surrounded by a silver bezel engraved with trees/leaf shapes. In the back a place to hide secret small things.  A thought on how do we find our way to things?  Navigate the right paths for ourselves? Hold our secrets and ourselves in the same place... This one off piece is a statement piece of jewellery.  The cabochon shows a hand cut Bird filled with blue/black enamel, fired to deep glossy finish.  Flush set into the gold are 3 diamond 'stars', two are 1mm and one is 1.5mm. The piece is a oval shape approx 1.25cm in width, 8.8mm in height. On the back a small hollow with a gold oval door that opens to reveal a place for tiny things you want to carry to help navigate your way! The bird and star cabochon is set into engraved silver bezel.  The gold represents the sun, the silver symbolizes the moon. Finished in a soft matte.  Hallmarked at the London assay office. 100% recycled silver.  100% recycled gold. Ethically sourced diamonds. To see other necklaces please click here To see more one off pieces and other pieces please do follow me on social media.    
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