Bird, birch and stars front image on grey
Bird, birch and star ~ gold, white gold and enamel necklace
Bird, birch and star in gold and white gold with a 1.5mm 'star' ~ a salt and pepper diamond.  This piece is the story of journeys through the dark, the light of a single star as a guide.  Some birds travel using the stars as a map, known as the star compass. The bird flies and her wing nearly touches the star as she travels away on risky adventure.  Flight as freedom but also the unknown.  Made in 9ct gold and framed in 9ct white gold.  Hand cut and and painted with enamel using a process called Champleve and torch fired over and over until complete.  he enamel is Blue black.  The trees are a soft grey, here I was thinking of birch trees, a symbol of growth and renewal finished in a soft matte.  Flush set into the piece ~ a diamond.  The chain is white gold and can be a length of your choice (the default is 16 inches) and the clasp is handmade. The piece measures approximately 1.5cm in width and 1.3cm in height. Please do note that each piece is made individually and therefore there may be small variations in each detail i.e. the wings may be slightly different. Bird, birch and star may take up to 6 weeks to make.  The necklace comes boxed and wrapped. This piece is also available in silver and gold to see it click here To see more of my jewellery please do follow me on social media
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Bird, birch and star neclklace on grey
Bird, birch and stars ~ silver, gold and enamel necklace
Bird, Birch and stars is the story of long journeys with only the stars as a guide. Some birds follow the stars - known as the star compass, some the sun.  The bird flies, her wing tip almost touching a star as she makes her travels.  Made from sterling silver and framed in 9ct gold, each element hand cut and filled with enamel in a process called Champleve.  Bird, birch and stars has two trees, one either side in a soft grey enamel, the bird in a blue-black.  Flush set into the piece is a salt and pepper diamond as the star claw set et into 9ct gold. The chain is 9ct gold and the clasp is handmade.  The piece measures approx 1.5cm in width and approx 1.3cm in height, including bail 1.8cm.  It comes with a 16 inch chain.  Please let me know if you would prefer and 18 inch chain with your order.  Please do note that the piece is handmade and as such there may be slight variations in detail - i.e wings may be slightly different. Bird, birch and star may take up to six weeks to make.  The necklace comes boxed and wrapped. If you would like to see other bird pieces please click here. I always love new followers click here to connect to me on social media.
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Flying owl necklace side view
Flying owl ~ silver necklace
The flying owl silver necklace is hand cut.  Here the owl flies free, wings outstretched upwards mid flight.  Engraved with feathers and two eyes, all marks individually made.  Finished in a soft matte.  The owl necklace measure approx 1.7cm width from wing tips and the deepest part measures approx 2.5mm.  The chain shown in the picture measures approx 16 inch.  You can choose whichever chain length you would like - please let me know with your order.  Each silver owl necklace is handmade and as such means there may be very slight variations in each.  The necklaces comes boxes and wrapped.  Please allow up to 4 weeks from make to dispatch time.  To see more owl jewellery check out here. To see more pictures or to follow me on social media please click here.
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