Reserved for Mark F

£ 50.00

The Bird and Wave Silver necklace.

Another favorite. A little bird flying over the sea. This necklace is reversible so can be worn just showing the bird or the bird and wave – two necklaces in one.

I have hand cut the piece using a tiny saw – one little bird and the wave. I domed and soldered the two discs together to make a three dimensional little ‘egg’, I sand by hand which with this piece can take many hours, polish and then brush for a matte satin finish.

This photo is a renewed of a sold item. Each one is handmade and each one slightly different – that’s the beauty of each piece I make and the quality of the item will in no way be compromised. The first two pics are of one Bird and Wave the last three of another.

Approximate dimensions are as follows: Height x 16.68mm (1.6cm), Width x 16.68 mm, thickness x 8.28mm, Weight (without chain) x 3.1 grams