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Reserved for Ana B – Birch necklace and ring

£ 313.00

Birch tree necklace in silver and starry night ring in silver and gold – for Ana B

The birch tree necklace denotes the turning of the seasons. Each one holds a precious stone representing the seasons. This one holding a diamond – for winter, white skies and cool air.

Cut into each silver handmade cabochon is three trees, enameled a soft grey. These are birch trees, a symbol of growth and renewal. Flush set in between the trees a London blue topaz.

The claw setting and bezel holding the trees is silver The metal represent silver for the night.

The chain is silver and a length of your choice.

The piece measures approx 9mm in height and 1.2cm in width.

The finish is a soft matte brushed finish.

The necklace takes approx 4 – 6 weeks to make.

A tree ring, a tiny wood and a single star out in the night sky.

Into the woods ring

The ring is made from silver and the trees are 9ct gold. Each tree is hand cut and formed by myself.

The star is a diamond and is ethically sourced.

The depth of the ring is approx 6mm

The thickness of the ring is approx 1.6mm

The size of the ring shown in the picture is a UK size O

Make time is approx 4 – 6 weeks

You can have as many or as little trees as you like in this woodland, If you would like 5 or more please contact me for details.

Feel free to contact me here